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Basically you could call this ​the crypto version of the METOO ​movement but instead of the # , ​we use the $

This project was created for ​all the people who has gotten ​rugged by investing in ​scam/rugpull meme coins.

Let’s see how far we go!

For the rugged, by the rugged.

Bridging Together Everyone Who’s Ever Been Rugged

You can HODL, you can FLIP, you can PUMP, you can ​DUMP. What’s most important and the main objective of ​this project is,,,, yep you guessed it! It AIN’T gonna be a ​RUG!


CA: ​8PNxg6bHPZkDFPtBgRShZgDUq2Maai47wHa7QC9uLgxK

Token Supply: 1,000,000,000

Team: 10% (locked with streamflow finance)

Airdrops: 15% (7,7% remaining)

Liquidity: 75%

LP Tokens: BURNT

Contract Ownership: Renounced

How to Buy!

Create a wallet

get some $sol

go to raydium

Download Phantom or your ​wallet of choice from the app ​store or Google Play for free. ​Desktop users, download your ​browser's extension by going to ​Phantom.

Have $SOL in your wallet to ​switch to $METOO. If you don’t ​have any $SOL, you can buy ​directly on Phantom, transfer ​from another wallet, or buy on ​another exchange and send it to ​your wallet.

Connect to RAydium. Go to ​raydium in your browser inside ​your Phantom app. Connect your ​wallet. Paste the $METOO token ​address into raydium, select ​$metoo, and confirm. When ​Phantom prompts you for a ​wallet signature, sign.

Buy $METOO on ​Raydium

Note: This token is simply a meme coin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. Purely entertainment purposes only!



rugged metoo: Whitepaper

rugged metoo (“metoo”) is a digital spl token. the single promise of the $METOO project is not to rug the community that has already suffered losses because ​of scams and rugpulls, and creating the $metoo movement where it will create a strong tight knit community to support each other through the hard times ​they have faced by crypto scams.

rugged metoo has no other functions, no utility and no intrinsic value, no promise or expectation of any financial return, profit, interest or dividend. There is ​no roadmap and there is no promise or expectation that any ecosystem will be developed for rugged metoo. (but we are working on somethings. will update as we ​go)

rugged metoo is for entertainment purposes only.

For the avoidance of doubt, and without limiting the generality of the above, rugged metoo is not, and is not intended to:

  • be a medium of exchange accepted by the public (or a section of the public) as payment for goods or services or for the discharge of a debt;
  • be designed or intended to be used by any person as payment for any goods or services, whether through the Memeland Group or otherwise;
  • entitle holders to exchange “metoo” for goods or services; or be a representation of money (including e-money);
  • be a digital representation of a capital markets product, security, share, debenture, unit in a collective investment scheme, derivatives contract, commodity or ​any other kind of financial instrument or investment in any jurisdiction;
  • be a capital markets product, security, share, debenture, unit in a collective investment scheme, derivatives contract, commodity or any other kind of financial ​instrument or investment in any jurisdiction;
  • represent any shareholding, participation, right (including but not limited to voting rights), title, stake or interest in, or right to participate in business ​operations of any entity, enterprise or undertaking (including without limitation any member of the rugged metoo team);
  • represent any entitlement to any voting rights in respect of the “metoo” ecosystem as described on the websites, and any webpages ​hosted thereon (“Websites”) as a whole;
  • represent any entitlement to fees, dividends, revenue, profits or investment returns;
  • represent any rights under a contract for differences or under any other contract the purpose or purported purpose of which is to secure a profit or avoid a ​loss;
  • be refundable or exchangeable for cash (or its equivalent value in any other digital asset); and/or
  • represent any indebtedness. we will try but There is no guarantee and no commitment to list MEME on any exchange.

No further information or update:

The information in this Whitepaper is current only as of the document version stated on the cover hereof. Information about any token sale, the $METOO functions, information concerning business operations, financial conditions and ​future planning of rugged metoo may change from time to time and the information contained in this Whitepaper or the Websites may become outdated as a result and none of the rugged metoo team is under any obligation to update or ​correct this document in connection therewith.

This Whitepaper does not constitute any binding commitment. Please do not rely on this information in deciding whether to purchase any $metoo because ultimately, the development, release, and timing of any products, features or ​functionality remains at the sole discretion of Memeland Group and is subject to change. Further, the Whitepaper or the Websites may be amended or replaced from time to time. There are no obligations to update the Whitepaper or ​the Websites, or to provide recipients with access to any information beyond what is provided herein.

for the rugged, by the rugged...